Stanislav Tišer

* 1957

  • “Sometimes I was pondering over whether it’s right. But I only did it for a short time. On the other hand, I thought – if the Japanese or a German guy comes here, they change a hundred marks and live here for a week as kings. But us, we need to work terribly long to earn that much. But he earns so much money, comes here – okay, he may become 200 marks shorter but he still has the other 800 if he brought a thousand – and can live here as a king. Usually, they didn’t even report. They came for four, five days and returned home. So this is how I saw it. We never tricked any local person, only the foreigners who were in the money. Most of those who came here had it, you know.”

  • “My family was at the first place. I’ve been married for thirty-two years. My daughter – she just turned 31 – graduated from university. That was paramount for me so that she’d become the first university graduate in our family. She finished with honors, works in her field, all good. I and my wife are also still together and that is the most important thing of all. The other thing is that nowadays I care more about good people coming together. Not bad people who do drugs and then drag other people down. Usually when I see it at the box training, I simply kick that person out. Because he would drag the others down. The boys who say they see a dad or an uncle in me – I don’t like that. But I try to help them get their stuff together, to change. I also give them advice: ‘Hey, if you go to the same places you did before, you’re gonna end up bad again.’”

  • “Well, awesome. Simply everyone wanted to box in Lucerna. Every boxer wanted to box there – it was the Mecca of box. An awesome place, sold out, plenty of people and it was even allowed to smoke inside. There were lights above the ring, smoke all around, awesome, people cheering hard. They stood on tables, balconies – everywhere – sitting on stairs, standing. Sold out, a perfect atmosphere.”

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I lived a good life and so now I try to help others

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Stanislav Tišer was born on 5 October 1957 in Pilsen as one of eight children. Since the age of fifteen he worked as a brewery workman. When his brother got attacked at a party, he fought back. At that moment he got noticed by the box coach Karel Beran who invited him to his club. Box became Stanislav‘s life. He moved do Prague and made it to the national team. He was top of the league in the 54 kg category, competing for 25 years and winning lots of tournaments. He won the Czechoslovak championship seven times. At the same time, he made a living by illicit currency exchange and lived in the local gangland. After 1989 he radically changed his way of life. He established a boxing club and helps boys from socially deprived families.