Jan Tichý

* 1947  

  • “They wanted to evict us and two other families. My father learnt that we were to be relocated to the village Razová in the Bruntál region, and he thus went there to see the place and on the gate of the farm there was already a sign: Tichý, Poruba. He arrived home, we packed our things, because operations like this were always brutal. A truck would arrive at three o’clock at night and people had to leave their house within two hours and get on the truck and they were taken away. In order to be ready, each of us thus got our own suitcase, in which we had prepared our the basic necessities and we kept our suitcases under our beds and we lived in this way for three or four years..”

  • “The fighting here lasted for about two days. They came to us from Poruba among the first ones. In the direction of the university hospital there, the armies came from that direction. My father was watching it from the attic and they were shooting at him because they thought that he was some sniper or a German spy, because Germans were still there. They took it by storm and they pushed them away and the rest of Poruba, from the church onwards, to the chateau and there, they were still fighting there on the second or third day. There were about thirty or forty people here in our basement. Half of them were children and half were adults.”

  • “Our first year in the vocational school was like the entry course in the army. Wake up call at six, exercise wearing just underpants, no matter if it rained or if there was snow, nobody cared for that. Then a march for breakfast, to report for lunch, to report for supper. Compulsory study and training. Leave was permitted on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We got three or four hours on Wednesdays and six hours on Saturdays.”

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Each of us received his suitcase and we had the essentials packed there and we kept them under our beds and we lived like this for three or four years…

Jan Tichý
Jan Tichý
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Jan Tichý was born on July 7, 1947 in Ostrava. He grew up on a family farm in Poruba. His father was a farmer and his mother Božena helped on the farm. He has three older siblings. In the 1950s the family was pressured to join the Unified Agricultural Cooperative. They eventually did so in 1957. Jan Tichý and his siblings had an unfavourable personal political profile and he was thus not allowed to enroll in a secondary school. Instead, he thus completed vocational training in Krnov as a repairman of agricultural machinery. Owing to his excellent results he was able to obtain his final school leaving certificate later at a secondary school in Bruntál and he eventually completed the College of Agriculture in Brno as well. After one year of military service he began working as an agricultural engineer. In 1993 he started a business dealing with construction materials. Jan is married and he has two sons, four grandsons and one granddaughter. He still lives on the farm n. 21 in Ostrava-Poruba.