Anna Šipošová

* 1938

Celé nahrávky jsou k dispozici pouze pro přihlášené uživatele.

I´d rather die not to have to experience it yet again

Anna Šipošová - Dobové foto.jpg (historic)
Anna Šipošová
zdroj: Archiv pamětnice

Anna Šipošová, née Lacková, was born in 1938 in a village of Ladce near Považská Bystrice in Slovakia as the eldest of three children in a Roma family. During the Slovak National Upraise inhabitants of the village Ladce supported the partisans in a nearby mountains. In Horní Ladce on 14 April, 1945 the Germans burnt out thirty houses. On 16 April, they shot nineteen men at a courtyard of a cement works. Anna´s granddad managed to escape. The whole family decided to move to her grandparents on the father´s part to Bolešov, a village near the river Váh. Later Anna´s father and uncle were taken and imprisoned in a quarry working camp in Dubnice. After war there was no work in Bolešov, so the family decided to move to Moravia. Also a poor housing situation was a motivation to move to Nový Jičín. In Moravia Anna began to attend school. She also married there and raised four children. Later her father decided to move for work in Ústí nad Labem, where he dealt with the Roma issue. Finally Anna Šipošová with her husband and children also joined him in the Northern Bohemia, where she has been living until today.