Radmila Rasmussen

* 1965

  • "So what I remember most from my childhood is when we lived here in the Southern Moravia. This is Znojmo, where I was born, and there we lived in Břeclav, which is right on the border. And as far as I remember, we lived in an apartment there, my father worked in a ceramic factory and my mother worked in a bank, and my grandmother also lived there with us. And what I remember most is that we had an apartment on the second floor, and what I remember most is that we sat in the windows and looked down the road and there we saw the army go to the city. There was the main square, the square, and the soldiers went and followed the tanks, so I remember."

  • "It took quite a long time, about three years. We always had to get documents to go on vacation. The first time my parents went, but I was at my grandmother's, so they didn't want to leave without me, the second time my mom was with me, but my dad wasn't with us, and the third time we got the approval to go with the whole family, that's aout three years since we planned to actaully go."

  • "So we went on a bus trip with our parents, we ought to go to Yugoslavia. So I brought a map here for you to see, so the bus, we drove through here, this is the end of Czechoslovakia, so we went down to Hungary. And there we stayed overnight in Hungary in a hotel and my parents decided to go early in the morning with just a little luggage, we took a bus and went to the border. There was also such a small town, and there we got off the bus and then we walked to the border. And we went through the forest and the borders were on the other side and we had to go to the hills and we were in the forest. And there we were a few nights in the woods, and it took a few days before we reached the borders that were completely in the mountains.”

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My parents wanted something better for us

Radmila Rasmussen, née Matoušková, was born on September 7, 1965 in Znojmo. She grew up in Břeclav, where her father Pavel worked in a ceramics factory and her mother Hana in a bank. In August 1968, she witnessed the arrival of Soviet troops in Břeclav. In 1970, on the third attempt, the family managed to emigrate to Austria, where they spent almost a year in a refugee camp, first in Klagenfurt and later near Vienna. In 1971, they flew to the United States. They first lived in New Jersey, then moved to Ohio, where their father got a job in a pottery factory. This is where Radmila started attending primary school. In 1972, her brother was born. They later moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where their parents ran a Czech restaurant. In 1979, they were able to travel to Czechoslovakia for the first time, but the witness was only allowed to go together with her father. At the turn of the 1980s, the family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the parents again ran a Czech restaurant. Grandparents were allowed to visit them at the invitation, while Radmila and her brother spent some holidays with their grandparents in Czechoslovakia. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in hospitality. For example, she worked for Hilton or Hyatt hotels, today she is employed in tourism. Today she lives with her husband in Woodbury, Minnesota.