Адлан Адамович Музааев

* 1950

  • “When the Chechen people were being expelled to Central Asia I wasn´t born yet – I was born only in 1950. Those were crucial times, Stalin times…I might have been a small child, but I know from my parents telling that it was very hard time for them. How can you expect the children to have a nice childhood in times like these? Luckily I didn’t have to say good bye to my family – we all stayed together.”

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The oldest son in our family

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Адлан Адамович Музааев

Aldan Muzaev was born in 1950 into Chechen exiles family in Kazakhstan. The family had eight members. The parents were simple illiterate laborers. He attended the school in Alma Ata town until his third grade and after that, in 1961 his family moved back to Chechnya. Due to the fact that the family was large and the father was unable to support it by himself, young Aldan must have helped too. He was working every since he was fourteen. He passed eight grades of the grammar school. The Soviet Union broke up in 1991; the chaos followed. In 1994 the first Chechen war begun. Muzaev spent this war in his house in Urus Martan town. Since this was a neutral ground, the refugees from all around the country were coming here. After the war there was no work for people and it was very hard for the people to live through it somehow. During the second Chechen war Aldan Muzaev had to leave to Nazran where he lived in tents and where he became the recipient of the humanitarian aids. Recently, Aldan Muzaev is already grandfather; he has one son, daughter and one granddaughter.