Doris Broulová

* 1929

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We were just numbers

Doris Broulová in 2015
Doris Broulová in 2015
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Doris Broulová was born on September 16, 1929 into a Jewish family. She spent her childhood in Prague. In August 1942 all her family had to board a transport to the Terezín ghetto. She worked there in horticulture garden. In 1944, Doris and her family were transported to the Auschwitz extermination concentration camp. After she was selected, she was transported to Hamburg. She was liberated by British troops in the spring of 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She returned home in July 1945. She graduated from a business school in Prague and a textile industrial school in Vrchlabí. She got her first job in a carpet factory in Bratislava, later she worked in Liberec, where she also met her future husband. After the wedding, she moved to Nová Paka, where she lived at the time of the interview (2015).