Sr. Viera Barteková

* 1921

  • "We did not know anything, just something we researched because we were there with other sisters, which were in Kriva Orava. And they already know everything in advance. So just so, but we still think that this is not possible. So we were somehow convinced if we were some poorly informed, or I do not know what ... At least But I do not know even all four of what we taught there, we ... So we already headmaster called all in tears, with weeping us he told us. We do not fulfill their obligations of their socialist school. Therefore her fired us from state service and sell you, or how it was there styled, to charity in central Bratislava. In August we were there and came from the National Committee has therefore not been so named, it was the National Committee, sisters, you can not give up, we are here we will have, at the office, a lot of work, so you will do it. They tried to calm us down this way, but we were informed from Nove Mesto that we are being recalled from these small branches, because it was still Liptovská Lúžna adopted by our sisters as teaching realm, so they recalled us."

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To stay faithful in doing my duties in clean conscious.

Viera Barteková
Viera Barteková
zdroj: Archív Školských sestier de Notre Dame

Maria Viera Barteková was born in Nemšová near Trenčín. In Trencin she attended the local school. In 1937 she entered the Congregation of School Sisters of Notre Dame. From her congregation she was sent to study. In 1942-1944 she conducted a novitiate in Nove Mesto nad Vahom. After the novitiate she begins to learn first in Nove Mesto nad Vahom, later in the Orava Vesely. In 1950 she is released from school services and later deported  to centralizing monastery in Klastor pod Znievom. From there in 1951 forcibly moved to Šumperka where she works in hemp and flax processing factory. Since 1955 she is moved to Krasna Lipa, where she works in a factory for processing wool. In 1958 she started to work in retirement as a nurse. From 1961 to 1981 she worked at the Institute of social care for mentally disabled children Kovacska. Since 1981 she lives as a pensioner in a charity home in Beckov.