Baram Baramidze

* 1936  

  • Who ordered to exile us? For sure Stalin does not know about it. This is Beria. Everybody though this way. I don’t remember the names, Rukhadze was chief of KGB, his assistant was Goglidze. While we were discussing this people gathered around, the whole Tbilisi knew that they started to exile people. There were screams, shouts they did not let others to approach or pass something to the convicted, soldiers were everywhere around Navtlugi bazaar, all the hills near the place were full of people

  • There was no toilet in the train cab, we were 40 people, and what could we do? People discussed and decided to cut the hole in the Pullman’s compartment floor. All brought the instruments they had. Each cab had two armed soldiers guarding, so people decided to cut while train was moving. They marked central part; I remember how we were cutting the floor. I don’t know what happened in another cabs, probably they did the same. The floor was quite thick about 30-40 centimeters. It was such a joy when we finished the work, people even forgot where we were going and why. At least we solved this problem, people brought wine and vodka and even started to drink and celebrate

  • It was 1951; the year became watershed in our life. I was sleeping with grandmother in a separate room. Mom entered and woke me up saying that father was being arrested. We put on clothes; grandmother was old and got hysterics. There was a Russian man from KGB and several Georgians, he was kind man, treated us with respect. He said “Aleksander Mikhailovich you are exiled together with family” It was impossible to stop grandmother, she kept screaming, my mom realized that we will be together and managed to stay calm, she was strong person. “You are given two hours to take necessary belongings”, Mother instantly started to pack things, I tried to calm grandmother.

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1951 became watershed in our lives

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Baram Baramidze
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  Born in Tbilisi in 1936, His grandfather Mikhako Baramidze was a confectioner, father agronomist-zoo technician and mother was a teacher. Father went to the World War II right from the first days, he was fighting at Kerch, Crimea where he was wounded and taken captive; For several years the family had no news about him. Baram was 11, when he met his father first. After liberation first he was paying penalty in the Komi Autonomic Republic, later after homecoming to Tbilisi, every Thursday he visited commandant‘s office to sign, nobody knew whether he would return from the office or not. In 1951 the while family was exiled to Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Chimkent region at Kyzil Kum, the family traveled several days by cargo train cabs. Living conditions at the place - village Chardara were terrible. After coming back to Georgia, Baram graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili State Conservatory, he was as a deputy Minister of the Education, worked as a director of # 1 Musical schoolHe worked also as a Director of Tbilisi choreographic instituteWhile 1991-1993 has been working as a Director of Tbilisi Music hallThe last job was in 1993-2011 as Director of Tbilisi State choreographic institute