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Alois Dubec (1923) - Records

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  • born in a cottier family in Valašský region on June 28th, 1923.
  • joined the Government Protectorate Army in 1941
  • embattled in Italy in 1944, with some other members of the Government Army defected to guerrilla
  • he left for Switzerland at the end of 1944, he followed to England from there. He started his pilot training in the RAF there, which was interrupted at the end of the war
  • he left the Army for the construction industry in February 1948, but as a soldier from the East he had problems with employment, he found random jobs in quarries or mines
  • with his wife-to-be he emigrated to Switzerland shortly after the occupation in August
  • he returned to the Czech Republic for good in 1996

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Interview recorded in the framework of the project: Stories of 20th Century, language Czech.
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MP3, 192.94 MiB, 1:45:22 s
Interview recorded in the framework of the project: Soutěž Příběhy 20. století, language Czech.
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