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Vlasta Macková (1920) - Records

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  • born May 5, 1920 in Česká Třebová
  • Scouting had an impact on her since she was a young girl
  • took part in the Slavic jamborees and in the forest school before the war
  • Czech delegate to the Silver Jubilee Anniversary in the USA in 1937
  • 1939 – admitted to the 1st year of her university studies, Czech universities closed down
  • course for graduates
  • after WWII as a secretary of Girl Scouts and the foreign correspondent
  • 1968-1970 – Chief Guide in the restored Czech Scouting organization (Junák)
  • hosting international visitors in Prague
  • involved in the last restoration of Junák in 1989, honorary Chief Guide of Junák
  • attended the international conference in Singapore
  • holder of the Order of the Silver Trefoil and other awards, member of Svojsík’s troop

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Interview recorded in the framework of the project: A Century of Boy Scouts, language tchèque.
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