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Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010) - Records

Toate drepturile de folosinţă a acestor materiale sunt conţinute în drepturile proiectelor particulare. Dacă puteţi furniza materiale pentru acest martor, vă rugăm, contactaţi-ne.
  • born in Podlusky at Roudnice nad Labem on March 15th, 1923
  • after finishing primary school she started studying at Grammar School in Roudnice nad Labem in 1938
  • she was held in Terezín from June 20th till September 22nd 1942, during the government of Heydrich
  • having been released she was forced to work in the forests at Rakovník, in a factory in Roudnice and Labem, and in Budyně nad Ohří
  • she taught at primary school and a special school after the liberation
  • her brother Emanuel Dragoun joined government troops
  • she retired in 1981
  • she lives in Blatná at present and she is the chairperson of the local Czech Freedom Fighters Association

Are you interested in the story of the witness and you would like to learn more?

Interview recorded in the framework of the project: Stories of 20th Century, language cehă.
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MP3, 93.82 MiB, 1:42:28 s
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