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Vlasta Lášková roz. Kvasničková (1928 - 2016) - Biography

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“I welcomed the year 1989 with a great relief. I only had the feeling I regretted that my brothers and sisters didn't live to experience that. I regretted that most.”

Vlasta Lášková, nee Kvasničková, was born in Písek in 1928. There were five children in her family that professed the Church of the Brethren (former Church of the Czech Brethren). Mrs. Lášková graduated from the Faculty of Education which focused on nursery teachings. She worked as a kindergarten teacher and was also involved in founding children's villages. She is retired and currently lives in Prague.

The subject matter of Mrs. Lášková's memories is the fate of her brother Jaroslav Kvasnička. He was the eldest child in the family born on December 14th, 1920 and son of a goldsmith in Písek. The whole family professed the Church of the Brethren (former Church of the Czech Brethren). They respected the religious principles in their practical lives as well. After his graduation exam, Jaroslav started studying Classical Philology at Charles University in Prague. After the closing of Czech Universities in 1939 he worked as a displaced person in Germany. He finished his studies after the war and worked as a secondary school teacher. At the same time, he went in for musicology and set a few psalms to music. As a devoted Christian, he never associated himself with views of the Communist regime. He attempted to emigrate to DDR but he failed, his plan was to get to West Berlin from there. He was arrested and sentenced to one-year in prison in September 1953. He did most of his term in custody already. Having been released from custody, he was allowed to work only manually. In August 1958, he was framed and accused of attacking his neighbor and for freeloading. He was again sentenced to one year in prison. While serving his sentence in Plzeň Bory, he received a work injury that fractured his spine. Due to the Injuries, the lower part of his body was paralyzed. Having been released from the prison hospital, he was in the care of his brother MUDr. Jan Kvasnička. Jaroslav Kvasnička died due to his injury and consequential health complications at the age of forty in 1960, 18 months after his release. Jaroslav Kvasnička was legally forgiven - the sentence and his guilt in the case of his illegal escape of the Republic were forgiven in 1953.

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