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Věra Uhrovičová (1922) - Biography

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We took it pretty calmly

Věra Uhrovičová was born on 9 October 1922 in Lanžhot into the family of Jaroslav Kotásek, who served at the borders with the Financial Guard. After completing primary school (both elementary and town school), she enrolled at a family school. In 1937 her father was employed with the Border Guard, and the family moved to Břeclav. From there the family fled to Mikulčice as soon as the mobilisation was declared. In 1941 the witness moved to Prague, where she looked after two small boys in one family, thus avoiding forced labour in Germany. In 1944 she married Matouš Uhrovič and joined the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. In April 1945 she gave birth to her first son as the battlefront was passing by. She raised four children and worked as a plant cultivator at the agricultural cooperative in Mikulčice. In 1969 one of her sons fled the country and emigrated to the United States of America, where he lives to this day.

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