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Ing. Vladislav Jandjuk (1968) - Biography

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Belarus has always been and will always be in Russia's shadow

Vladislav Jandjuk was born on November 11, 1968, in Vitebsko, the then Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic. His great grandfather fought in the Red Army during the October Revolution, was an officer of the NVKD and was executed during purges in the 1930s. The family saw the destruction of Belarus during WW2, his grandmother was deported to a camp in Latvia. He grew up in Vitebsko with his mother and grandmother in a very poor circumstances and was interested in chemistry and photography. He studied chemistry at the university of Minsk, was a member of the national circle and participated on organisation of resistance activities against the Soviet imperialism. After declaration of independent Belarus in July 1990 he worked as a computer expert and engaged in efforts to renew the original Belarus culture. During Alexander Lukaschenko’s reign he followed upon his opposition activities, maintained contacts with countries of the Western Europe and participated in independent journalism in Belarus. To avoid arrest and possible death he emigrated to Czechia in 1997 and was recognised as a political refugee. He worked in the Belarus section of Člověk v tísni, today he works in IT.

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