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Taťána Bubníková (1931) - Biography

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Taťána Bubníková, maiden name Kalinová, comes from Bohušovice, her father was a tailor, her mother a couturier. The occupation found her in the primary school. As an eleven-year old girl she used to go to Terezín with food for the transported and used to carry letters from there with information for the families of the transported. These illegal activities were practiced also by both her parents, especially her mother (in 1940 and 1943 she gave birth to two more boys!). In 1945 Taťána went to the business school to Litoměřice (business school in the building of the military academy). As a daughter of a trader she had problems to find work, she got it only in September (as an expedient in the egg department of the dairy in Bohušovice). In 1953 she married Bohuslav Bubník. She moved to Mělník and started to work in the Vitana company. After the maternity leave she entered the accountant position in a state farm. To get a place in kindergarten for her two children, she signed the membership in the Czechoslovak Women Federation. In 1960 she started to work at the district agriculture authority in the financial department, later in the school department. She never reached the leader position and that only because she refused to enter the Czechoslovak Communist Party. In 1986 she was retired. After the Velvet Revolution she and her husband joined the efforts to renew the activity of the physical training institution Sokol and until now she is still active in it.


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