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Jiří Kameníček (1937) - Biography

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I am rather worried by the growing populism. I admit I can hardly sleep now.

Jiří Kameníček was born on 20 May, 1937 in Brno. At the end of WW2, due to the Allies air raids at the city, the family moved to their relatives in the village of Březce (today's part of Štěpánov). They experienced dramatic fight at the final days of war, when the house they were hiding in, ended up burning in flames. Next the family returned to the father´s native place in Moravské Loděnice (today's part of Bohuňovice), where the father, Ladislav Kameníček, took over the hereditary farm with twelve hectares of fields. As a member of parliament of the Constitutional National Assembly for the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party the father indirectly participated in the events leading to the February 1948 communist putsch. Back then he was in opposition to the communist party, which he paid for harshly in the upcoming years. He was taken away the parliamentary mandate, expelled from the teaching staff of VŠZ Brno, and in 1949 he got imprisoned for nine months without any trial and finally sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Persecution also hit his family. The son Jiří, who was an excellent student, graduated with a diploma in the industrial school shortly after his father's arrest, but his brother Ladislav had been expelled from another industrial school. The witness was not accepted to college due to wrong class origin. He subsequently began working in an engineering factory in Uničov, where he worked until he retired. Jiří Kameníček kept demandingto study at the college and a year after the release of his father, he finally received a recommendation. He then went on to distant study at the BUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which he successfully completed in 1972. Since 2000 Jiří Kameníček and his wife have lived in Bohuňovice.

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