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Daniel Morgenstern (1942) - Biography

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Whoever hadn't escaped like my parents did, went up the chimney

Daniel Morgenstern was born on 3 December 1942 in Palestine. Prior to the war, his family lived in Mělník where his father worked as a lawyer. The family was of Jewish origin and so they decided to flee from the growing anti-semitic sentiments in Europe. On 13 March 1939, they managed to leave Czechoslovakia. On the way from Prague, they were already meeting German army vehicles going in the opposite direction. The family went through Italy to Palestine where they made a living as workers in agriculture. As a child, Daniel often helped his father work the field. He studied economy and political science and became a state official . He worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Labor, also chairing a department responsible for the operation of ports and railways. He served for two and a half years as a soldier of the Israeli army. He was deployed in the Six-Day War, defending Israel against the Arab countries' invasion, and also in the so-called Yom Kippur War. He was in the army reserve for fifty years. Many of his relatives who stayed in Czechoslovakia, died in concentration camps. He was always very much interested in the topic of the Holocaust and spent years searching for the fates of his ancestors murdered by the Nazis.

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