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Eleni Mikušová roz. Stambolidu (1938) - Biography

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Mum left us behind and returned to Greece to fight

Eleni Mikušová (née Stambolidu) was born on 24 July 1938 in the village of Kavalari, Greece. In the fall of 1946, her mother fled with her and her two siblings the civil war to Macedonia. Her father Moisis Stambolidis fought in the guerilla units. Her mother Kleopatra Stambolidu gave birth to another child in Macedonia, then left all four of her children behind and returned to Greece. She wanted to fight and also look for her husband. She never managed the latter; and the fate of Moisis Stambolidis remains unknown. Eleni and her three siblings were stranded hungry and penniless in Macedonia. They were split apart and placed in children's homes. In 1949, they were brought to Czechoslovakia as part of a project helping Greek children who lost their parents in the civil war. Up until fifteen years of age, Eleni lived in various homes in Bohemia and Moravia. In 1951, her mother came to Czechoslovakia, settled in the Jeseníky region and with the help of the Red Cross, managed to find her four children. Eleni spent her entire life working in blue-collar jobs, such as welding or building housing projects. She got married and gave birth to two sons. She had always strived to be the family she never gotten to know to her younger siblings, their children and grandchildren.

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