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Ludmila Mihajlović, roz. Marešová (1936) - Biography

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I was born a teacher

Ludmila Mihajlovič, née Marešová, comes from the community of Kruščica located on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. She was born on 15 September 1936 to Šiman and Maria Mareš. She is a member of the Czech minority in Serbia. When she was three years old her family moved to Bela Crkva where her grandmother's sister owned a pub. Ludmila's father got a job there but was arrested shortly after the outbreak of WWII and spent four years in prison. Ludmila went to a Czech school in Bela Crkva; when the Nazis closed it two years later the children went to a school where the members of all ethnic minorities were taught. Thanks to teacher Ms Šovancová she remained in contact with the Czech language and culture. She became a teacher and joined the Czech school in Kruščica. She was active in the local Czech community. She went to the Czech House in Belgrade. The Czech class in Kruščica was closed several years later; Ludmila Mihajlovič taught a Serbian class for a few more years and then she and her family moved to Pančevo where she worked as a police clerk.

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