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Františka Bachanová (1935) - Biography

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It’s better to work every day without respite; no one wants to go back to work after a day off

Františka Bachanová, née Míšková, was born on 3 May 1935 into the farmer's family of Jan and Anna Míšek in Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem. She enjoyed an idyllic childhood. She had two siblings. After completing primary school she was forced to continue her studies. However, she could not finish medical school, due to her father's ideological opposition to the Communist regime. She then attended an agricultural school in Uherský Ostroh for two years. In 1955 she married the organist Vladislav Bachan, and they had three children. Františka's parents resisted the pressure to join the local agricultural cooperative, but their farm was ruined in 1957. Františka's father died suddenly. The following year Františka signed an application to the co-op and worked at a cow farm for the rest of her working life. The family received meagre compensation in restitution after 1989.

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