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Juraj Stern (1940) - Biography

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I just cannot explain what our rescuers have done

Juraj Stern was born in Bratislava in 1940 into a Jewish family. Shortly after his birth, the Sterns fled to Michalovce, where their relatives lived. Juraj's father, Helmut Stern, managed to unnoticeably run away from the collecting ghettos, from where he was supposed to be transported to concentration camps. He was hiding in a secret room and right in the next room, there lived a former SS member. Later on, the family was hiding in Hlohovec, in Zelenay family. The father Michal Zelenay tried to come up with different hidings for the Sterns to save them. The Zelenay family was also honored by the Righteous Among the Nations Award. Juraj Stern, however, experienced hard times also during the communism. He couldn't enroll at the university, nor could he find a proper job. In 1990s he actively opposed Vladimír Mečiar. Later on, he was a rector at the University of Economics as well as a Chair of the Slovak Rectors' Conference. Nowadays, he is a rector of the Pan-European University in Bratislava.

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