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János Joka Daróczi (1962) - Biography

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I am so Hungarian as well as a Gypsy

János Joka Daróczi, journalist, social worker.
János Joka Daróczi was born in 1962 to gipsy parents. His parents were primary school graduates. In his childhood he lived and studied in Bedő, a Romanian border-country multi-ethnic village where Romanians, Roma and Hungarians lived together.
In 1976 he continued his high school education in Budapest. After completing his studies, he was an instrumentist, then a driver and a warehouse. Since 1980 he has been involved in the organization and management of Roma camps.
He was an officer between 1984 and 1992 in Budapest XIV. District government. Meanwhile, for a few years he has been a ceramic small enterprise.
He studied as a social worker between 1993 and 1997 at the Wesley János Theological College. Later on he earned degrees in social policy (1999-2001) in Budapest.
His journalist's work started in 1992 in Hungarian Television. He edited Roma programs and he made a record of events related to the Roma. In 2011 he was dismissed from the Hungarian Television.
In 2005, he co-founded the Roma Production Bureau Foundation (RPIA) with the task of increasing the number of Roma journalists in the Hungarian media.
He places great emphasis on making films that reduce prejudices between the majority society and the Gypsies, and helping to create a realistic picture of the Gypsies.
He was a member of the Gypsy Radio in 2006.
His examplary achievements have been acclaimed by a variety of awards.
He has got three children.

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