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Jaroslav Krušina (1936) - Biography

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Know the working environment

Jaroslav Krušina, b. December 18, 1936 in Slanchev in Bakov. Parents owned a farm that was expropriated after 1948, and the farm had to leave the family. After graduating from elementary school in Slaný, he was unable to continue his studies, he was advised to: "Get to know the working environment, into the mining industry." Parents were able to find a place for mining in ČKD for them. After graduation he graduated from the evening industrial school.
His liking was music and photography. He played for 12 years in the Slaný Philharmonic Association and through his professor at the industrial school he met the painter Ladislav Čepelák and went to his studio for 5 years and became one of the members of the Lužecký Quartet.
He married Marcela Hodková and moved to Veltrus, left CKD and joined Aero Vodochody. She has two children - a son and a daughter, but the marriage has collapsed.
In the 1980s he lived in Kralupy, still playing in several orchestras, but he was intensely engaged in photography. He graduated from the Prague Photographic School dr. He has also organized several exhibitions.
He married again, moved to Prague after the wedding and had the opportunity to meet Ladislav Čepelák, who occasionally commissioned phot December, 18th, 1936ographic works. He and his wife bought a cottage in Drachkov. He set up workshops from the grown-ups. The music is no longer dedicated, but it deals with photographs, mainly by arranging the archive.


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