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Gusztáv Nagy (1953) - Biography

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Gusztáv Nagy, poet, translator, teacher
He was born to gipsy parents in Pusztaföldvár on May 23, 1953. His parents were wandering gypsies, his father worked as a blacksmith. Gusztáv moved along with his parents in his childhood. He grew up in a poor family in Medgyesháza. He has completed elementary school in 1967. He started high school, but he stopped shortly. He lived in his home village, he made casual jobs and became a stockholder. He served military service between 1973 and 1975. He moved to Budapest in 1983. He has been associated with Roma intellectuals. Menyhér Lakatos (writer) József Choli Daróczi (writer) and Pál Ruva Farkas were role models, they helped Gusztáv in learning. He graduated, and became a journalist.
He worked for various Gypsy newspapers between 1986 and 1997 (Romano Nyévipe, Amaro Drom, Kethano Drom). He has been teaching the Gypsy language since 1994 in Kalyi Jag Nationality School and in János Wesley Theological College. He has unusual literature and history about the history of the Gypsy. He translated one of the most famous Hungarian drama (Madách Imre: Az ember tragédiája (Le Manushli Tragédia) into Gypsy language between 1994 and 1996.
His examplary achievements have been acclaimed by a variety of awards.
He has two children, seven grandchildren, three great-grand children.

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