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Emilie Konečná (1933) - Biography

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We heard screams and saw the smoke from the burning houses

Emilie Konečná, née Doležalová, was born on 3 March 1933 in the village of Koryta, Dubno District, in Volhynia in what was then Poland (now Ukraine). Unlike most local Czech families, the Doležals lived in a Ukrainian village. Emilie's father worked as a blacksmith and her mother was a seamstress. They lived in a large house, which included a small estate and a shop. They rented that out together with a flat to one Jewish couple. Emilie remembers that they had a son about ten years of age, but she does not remember their names or surname. The Jewish family disappeared after Volhynia was occupied by German soldiers in June 1941. Only the wife came back, whom the Doležals secretly supplied with food. But she also disappeared in the end, and they never saw her again. Emilie Konečná also experienced the havoc caused by Banderites, who hanged several local men in the middle of the village as a cautionary example. On 13 July 1943 two of her relatives died when German units ravaged Český Malín - the Nazis brutally murdered 374 Czech inhabitants and burned the village to the ground. In 1947 the family remigrated to Czechoslovakia and settled down in Petrov nad Desnou in Šumperk District. In 1955 Emilie married Stanislav Konečný and moved to Bludov, where she still lives as of 2017.

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