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Raúl C. García (1946) - Biography

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"Castro’s regime seized all our hope, so we went to search for it."

Raúl García was born on March 3, 1946 in Cuba, in a humble peasant family. When in 1959 the Cuban Revolution triumphed and Fidel Castro's Communist government was settled in the island, Raúl was barely 13 years old. But very soon, already at age of 17, in 1963, he joined the anti-Castro struggle of the Guerrilla of Escambray, which was operating in the area of mountains of the same name. However, just a couple of months later, on August 15, 1963, he was captured by the government army and sentenced to 30 years in prison. His family was never able to return to their farm, which was confiscated by the government just after the capture of Raúl. His mother, together with the 7 brothers of Raúl, was evicted to the area of Miramar, and his father was taken to forced labors zone in Isla de Pinos. Raul was released from prison in 1979 after 16 years of sentence and a few weeks later he was sent on a plane along with 4,000 other ex-prisoners to Miami, United States of America, where he lives until nowadays.

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