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Zuzana Petreje (1923) - Biography

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We should help out every time the freedom asks for it

Zuzana Petreje, née Uličná, was born on January 15, 1923 in Liptovská Kokava. When she was a child, she lost her father and had to help her mother to take care of the family. In times of the Slovak National Uprising she actively joined the resistance movement as a supplying and informing mediator of the partisan division "For the Freedom of Slavs". During this activity, she experienced a number of critical situations, when her life was in danger. After the war she completed studies to become a kindergarten teacher, followed by an elementary school teacher qualification. In 1951 she married Alfonz Petreje and they had two children together. Since 1954 she worked as an elementary school teacher in Opatovce nad Nitrou. Zuzana was an active member of the Slovak Union of Women, the Red Cross, and the Slovak Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters. She has received various awards for her resistance activity as well as for her educational, cultural and community activities. At present she lives retired in Opatovce nad Nitrou.

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