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Ludvík Hradílek (1960) - Biography

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I was the dissidents’ driver

Ludvík Hradílek was born in 1960 into a religious family. After successfully completing a high school of art carpentry in 1981, he married Tereza Muchová, with whom he moved to a house in Buďánky, Prague. Thanks to his wife, he became acquainted with the local dissident group from Košíře and Malá Strana, which included the Topol brothers, Alexandr Vondra, Ivan Lamper, and others. Together, they started to publish the samizdat Revolver Revue in 1984, with Ludvík being in charge of picture-taking and obtaining technical equipment. He was the only non-artist in the whole group, and he had a stable job, a house, a passport, a driving license and a car. On several occasions, he went on missions abroad for the Revolver Revue. During these trips, he met dissidents from Hungary and Poland. In 1988, he took part in a secret meeting with members of Polish underground, taking place in the mountains, during which they would exchange samizdat and other publications. Throughout 1989, he took part in a number of protests, worked intensively on publishing the Revolver Revue and became among other things the last signatory of Charter 77. Following the Velvet Revolution, he worked as a photographer for the Respekt weekly. At present, he works as a photojournalist for the online news portal Aktuálně.cz.

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