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Jaroslava Šiktancová (1954) - Biography

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It’s a good thing poems exist

Jaroslava Šiktancová, née Odvárková, was born on 2 October 1954 in Prague, into the family of a seamstress and a waiter, as the second of two children. After completing primary school she attended Nad Štolou Grammar School in Prague, from which she graduated in 1974. After successfully passing her entrance exams she began studies of theatre direction at the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts (the Theatre Faculty) in Prague. In January 1977 she signed Charter 77, in early summer that year she was summoned for questioning at the State Security headquarters in Bartolomějská Street, and in 1978 she was expelled from her studies by a disciplinary committee, without proper explanation or detailed justification. In 1978-1982 she secretly worked as the assistant of National Theatre actor and director Miroslav Macháček, for four productions. In 1977-1989 she worked at the Jedlička Institute, as a cleaning lady in offices, cinemas, at the Metropolitan Chapter of St Vitus in Hradčany, then also as a gardener in Veltrusy, and from 1988 as research room administrator at the National Museum and archivist at the National Theatre. After the 1989 revolution the Theatre Faculty allowed her to finish her studies, and she graduated with a production of Androcles and the Lion; she received her diploma in 1990. She worked in theatre direction in several regional Czech and Moravian theatres; after a brief engagement at E. F. Burian Theatre she worked with Kašpar (Jester) Theatre for several seasons. In the 1990s she participated in a number of professional courses in Great Britain, Germany, and Sweden. She has been teaching acting at the Theatre Faculty since 1993. She lives with her husband in Prague. Their son David also graduated from the Theatre Faculty and works as a theatre director.

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