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Soja Svobodová (1930) - Biography

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My whole life I keep thinking of all that Dad must have suffered

Soja Svobodová was born on 27 June 1930 in Prague. She spent much of her childhood in Počaply, where her grandmother kept a general store. She lived with her parents in Dvůr Králové; her father Jan Říha worked as a teacher. Her family had no idea that he was active in the anti-Nazi resistance during World War II. On 30 June 1942 he was arrested, and just a few days later, on 3 July, he was shot in Prague-Kobylisy. His wife and daughter Soja were left practically without means of sustenance. Her mother also found out that twelve-year-old Soja was to be taken to Germany for re-education. However, this threat was not realised, and the family survived the war. The witness became a nurse. She then obtained a teacher's education and worked as a teacher in Beroun. Her whole life she has been searching for details to the events that preceded her father's death, and she preserves the things that he left behind.

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