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MUDr. Jaroslava Struková (1932) - Biography

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Having clear conscience brings one peace and happiness

Jaroslava Struková was born on September 8, 1932 in Uzhgorod in Carpathian Ruthenia, which was one of the autonomous parts of Czechoslovakia at that time. In March 1939, she and her parents had to flee Carpathian Ruthenia in order to escape the Hungarian occupation of the region. Soldiers were shooting at the train for emigrants that the family boarded in Perechyn. Jaroslava then spent the period of WWII in Brno in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and she has been living in this city ever since. The family found an asylum there thanks to the functioning Ukrainian community. In the 1950s, she and her loved ones were affected by the operation Akce P. The totalitarian regime tried to exterminate the Greek Catholic Church. Based on a manipulated church congress in Prešov in April 1950, the Greek Catholic church became unified with the Orthodox Church. Due to her religious faith and her Ukrainian origin, Jaroslava faced troubles with admission to school, and her son later had to deal with the same problem.

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