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Mgr. Daniela Cincibusová (1951) - Biography

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Social workers were asking me whether I would mind Roma children

Daniela Cincibusová, née Cigáňová, was born on 29 January 1951 in the villague of Zátoň in the Šumava mountains as the eldest of seven children. Her parents were Slovaks who moved to Bohemia after WW II within efforts to populate the borderlands. Daniela's grandfather was a Roma but the family didn't have a Romani identity. Daniela's parents worked in the agriculture and often moved for work. They were believers due to which Daniela received a bad cadre assessment which prevented her from studying to become a teacher. Instead, she trained to become a land surveyor. In the 1970s she become a foster mother in the newly-established SOS children's village in Chvalčov, and married a baptist priest and a psychiatrist Petr Brázda. Over the years they took care of nine mostly Roma children. At the same time she studied special education in Olomouc. After the tragic death of her husband she moved to Čáslav with her new partner Josef Cincibus whom she married in 1996. The couple brought up twenty-two children. Daniela was active in socially excluded places in the Kutná Hora region. She also worked as a teacher in a Roma school in Kolín and udertook a course in journalism. She published in Kereka, Romano hangos, Amaro lav and Lidové noviny. She was employed as a field worker at the Poschla project in Vsetín and later as a social worker in the Ralsko-Náhlov excluded location. In 2015 she was awarded the Roma spirit prize for her work as a foster mother.

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