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Ing., CSc Erik Navara (1931) - Biography

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One needs to earn his living by doing what he enjoys, and not only work in order to earn a living; this makes man unhappy

Erik Navara was born February 24, 1931 in Brno. He grew up with his parents in Telč. His father took him to the USA before WWII to visit his uncle. Erik's father František had a secret meeting with technicians of the US Navy there, and he handed them his proposal for an anti-submarine torpedo. The person through whom Erik's father established contact with the US Navy was Albert Einstein. František exchanged several letters with him. Erik returned to Czechoslovakia before the outbreak of the war. In 1953 he graduated from the faculty of mining and subsequently he did his basic military service in Slovakia. While in Slovakia, he began working at the Academy of Sciences in Košice. In the 1960s, Erik had an opportunity to travel to Sweden to do an internship there. He was there at the time of the Soviet Invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1968. His wife managed to leave Czechoslovakia and follow him there. They have not returned from Sweden anymore. Erik Navara worked at first at the university in Göteborg and subsequently at a new university in Luleå. From there he went to work in Zambia for two years. After his return to Sweden, they were missing Africa and Erik thus found a job at the university in Zimbabwe where the Navara family then continued to live until 2001. After several more years in Sweden they decided to return to the Czech Republic. At present they live in Jihlava.

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