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Dalma Špitzerová, rod. Holanová (1925) - Biography

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We were always in shadows of death – thus we were acting in plays

Dalma Holanová-Špitzerová was born on February 5, 1925 in Piešťany. Together with her parents and siblings she lived in Liptovský Mikuláš. In March 1942 when the deportations started, her father convinced her to move from Liptovský Mikuláš to Budapest. She managed to find accommodation as well job there and she met with her two sisters. However, they were found and caught. She was deported to Uzhhorod and later she got to the concentration camp in Nováky.  On August 29, 1944 she joined the Slovak National Uprising, worked at the press department of the partisan movement. Her parents and her brother were shot dead only few weeks before the liberation. After the war Dalma got married to famous Slovak writer and journalist Juraj Špitzer, whom she met in Nováky. As an actress she acted in Nová scéna and later in cabaret Tatra revue, where she worked until it was closed in the beginning of 1970s. During the normalization, her husband Juraj Špitzer was prohibited to publish his works, she worked in the Slovak Television as a direction assistant. In the beginning of 1990s she founded a private studio of drama education, which had a great success. This studio was even awarded by international prize in Paris. In January 2016 Dalma received the highest state distinction from President Andrej Kiska.


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