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Miloslav Tlapák (1936) - Biography

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Don't go anywhere, the war has ended

Miloslav Tlapák was born on January 15, 1936, in Prague. His father, Jan Tlapák, worked as a butler for the film producer and entrepreneur Miloš Havel, his mother worked in the same household as a cook. Until 1942 he lived with his parents in Havel’s flat at Rašín Riverbank, then they moved to a villa at Barrandov. The father of Miloslav Tlapák was – for unknown reasons – arrested by Germans on May 8, 1945 and shot on the same day. His mother remained in the employment of Miloš Havel until 1947, then left and worked as a cook in the film studios at Hostivař and Barrandov. since 1948 Miloslav Tlapák and his mother were in contact with his cousin Věra Neumannová and her husband Lotar, who moved to Venezuela in 1948. Miloslav Tlapák trained as a lather operator from 1951 in the Škoda factory at Smíchov. He worked here until 1969 and then made his living as an assembler of hydraulic devices at Inova. After 1994 he helped with the operation and activities of an art gallery established by Věra Neumannová and her husband Lotar in Switzerland. Miloslav Tlapák has a son, two grandchildren and lives in Prague.

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