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Ing. Vladimír Buřt (1964) - Biography

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I think that the fate of the Most area can be rightfully considered as the worst of what communists caused. It is an apocalyptic scene for anyone who has love for anything

Vladimír Buřt was born on the 16th of March 1964. He grew up in Albrechtice, in the Most area. From childhood he was witnessing the devastation of the landscape under the Krušné mountains and the surrounding villages due to coal mining. He saw the disappearance of not only houses and entire villages but also of the human relationships and the solidarity that had been growing since the war ended. In 1983 his home village of Albrechtice was also destroyed. Despite coming from an atheist family, he found faith in God at the age of twenty-two and got baptised. He was involved in the underground Christian community. After the revolution he started participating in the fight for maintaining limits for mining. He has been the mayor of Horní Jiřetín since 2014.

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When: 29/06/2017 17:06:12
Author: Jakub Zvoníček, Other specialisation: collector
Title: Po revoluci.
Vladimír Buřt byl po revoluci svědkem těžařského lobby coby místní podnikatel i politik. Jak sám říkal, vydalo by to na další rozhovor.
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