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Doc. Tomáš Zikmund (1944) - Biography

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Tomáš Zikmund was born in February 1944 in Jičín. Since his childhood he was interested in technology, namely in radio as a medium. His family listened to the radio namely on Sundays, mainly broadcasts of classical music. At the turn of the 1940s and 1950s Tomáš Zikmund went to the primary school, then to a grammar school. It was already during undergraduate studies that he showed a great gift and love for technical specialisations. He was not accepted to university out of political reasons (his aunt and all of her family emigrated to the United States prior to February 1948), but he had a chance to try sound engineering during his military service at a tank battalion in Milovice, Central Bohemia, where he was the sound engineer of the garrison band. Just after his military service he joined the Czechoslovakian Radio, first as the recording technician, later as the sound master. He stayed on his job until 2016. He is the pioneer of digital recording in the radio, works with HAMU university, where he teaches students sound engineering; he also served as the head of the trainees department at the Czech Radio. A recording of all organs in Czech and Moravia, recorded since 1989, is his chef d’oeuvre.

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