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Judith Königsberg, roz. Marosi (1929) - Biography

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We have to go to Israel because we survived

Judith Königsberg, née Judita Marosi, was born on 29 October 1929 in Nitra; she grew up in Nové Zámky. She comes from a Jewish Zionist family, her father Ignác lived in Palestine in 1926 to 1927. The family spoke Hungarian, her father was a merchant. Judith and her younger sister Noemi were childhood members of the Zionist organisation of Makabi ha-cair. When southern Slovakia was annexed by Hungary, she attended Hungarian schools and was later expelled from school. In March 1944, after the Nazi occupation of Hungary, the family was sent to the ghetto in Nové Zámky, from where they left by transport to Auschwitz in late May. Her father died, the witness and her mother and younger sister Noemi were deported to the camp in Bergen-Belsen, where all three of them were liberated. After the war they returned to Slovakia and lived in Nitra, where a part of the family gathered. Judith Königsberg started a Hachshara in Bratislava, a preparatory course for emigrating to Palestine. In April 1946 she left for Palestine with a group of Zionists, but immigration limits set by British authorities meant that she did not arrive until January 1949, after almost two years of internment in Cyprus. She and her husband settled down in Ha-Chotrim Kibbutz, which has been the witness's home for almost sixty-eight years. Judith Königsberg is a widow, she raised two children and enjoys spending time with her several great-grandchildren.

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