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Magda Atlasová Schwarzová (1919) - Biography

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I don´t have trust in Slovak youth anymore

Magda Atlasová Schwarzová was born on September 14, 1919 as the third child in a well-off Atlas family. Until her father´s death, their life was good, however, when he passed away in 1927, her mother stayed alone with four children. In 1940 Magda got married to Viktor Schwarz, a trader with timber and a producer of railroad ties. He was granted a presidential dispensation when the transports began. Magda used to go and take care of poor Jews in a military hospital. Since 1942 she and her husband had to start hiding, at first they found a hideout in one Prešov house, and later they ran to mountains near Liptovský Mikuláš, where they lived with other Jews in a small bunker. After German´s invasion into the Slovak mountains in winter 1944, they were forced to run away. With the help of Czechoslovak soldiers they got to Poprad and later to Prešov. In 1949 they emigrated to Jerusalem, where they worked in a factory at first. Afterwards, they opened and operated a well-liked restaurant. Together they had two daughters. In 1959 Magda´s husband died being only 51 years old. Nowadays, Magda Schwarzová has 13 great grandchildren and lives in Tel Aviv. She is still in touch with people or their relatives who had helped her family during the wartimes.

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