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Jakub Ruml (1955) - Biography

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I tried to live a free life despite the lack of freedom

Jakub Ruml was born on 26 May, 1955 in Prague. His parents, Jiří Ruml and Jiřina Hrábková worked as journalists in the Czechoslovak radio; for their open support of the reform movement in 1960s any furhter professional activity was banned following the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies as well as being expelled from the communist party. The activity of his parents and his brother Jan led Jakub in the environment of dissent. He attended flat seminars and theatres and in autumn 1977 after returning from obligatory military service he signed the Chart 77. His activity was based in distribution of banned press material amongst the members of dissent and reporting abroad. He graduated as a book printer and then worked in an economic department of the Středočeské tiskárny for almost twenty years. Following 1989 he decided to finally devote himself to football teeage training, where he engaged himself since youth, but the pre-November regime did not allow his to fully realise his potential in the field. Since 1994 he has been active in AC Sparta Praha, where he now takes care of 15 teams and 50 trainers, assistants and members of realisation teams as the youth secretary. He is married with a daughter and a son.

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