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Marcel Hájek (1965) - Biography

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I was lost for those brave new tomorrows

Marcel Hájek was born in 1965 in Pilsen. He grew up just with his mother, who worked as a civil servant. He attended Third Grammar School in Pilsen and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen (FMCU). As a student he was active in dissident circles in Pilsen, he attended underground-culture concerts, house seminars, and took part in the distribution of samizdat literature, especially the materials of the Jazz Section. In 1988 he and his friend Vladimír Zindr wrote a petition to Rudé právo (Red Law, the main Communist Party newspaper - trans.), in which they asked for the publication of the full text of Charter 77. The petition was signed by about seventy-two students of medicine. This was followed by disciplinary action, and the organisers were threated with expulsion from the faculty. The witness was also questioned by State Security. In November 1989 he headed the FMCU Strike Committee and later also the Coordinative Strike Commitee. He was active in the Civic Forum. In February 1990 he was co-opted as a deputy of the Czech National Council, but he only held his office until the elections in June 1990. In 1991 he co-founded the Pilsen branch of the Civic Democratic Party (CDP). He was elected as a deputy to the Pilsen city council for the CDP and became a councillor of the city of Pilsen. He held this position until 1998. After completing his studies he worked at the Institute of Anatomy of FMCU. In 1993-1998 he worked as a surgeon at the University Hospital in Pilsen. He and his family then moved to Botswana, where he was head doctor for chest and abdominal surgery at Referral Hospital - Princess Marina Hospital in the capital of Gaborone until 2002. After returning from Africa he joined the Czech Army, and in 2002-2011 he participated in five foreign missions - two in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, and one in Pakistan. He served as chief surgeon in NATO field hospitals and head doctor in the field hospitals of the Czech Army. He gained the rank of major. The witness also takes an interest in religious studies, he is a practising Jew and a member of the Jewish Community in Pilsen. Besides Judaism, he also studied Islam and Christianity. He graduated in Evangelical theology from the Evangelical Theological Faculty of Charles University in Prague. At the present time he works for the Emergency Medical Services of Pilsen Region and lectures at the Faculty of Medical Studies of the West Bohemian University in Pilsen. He has published a number of expert medical studies and books.

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