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Ruth Šormová (1965) - Biography

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We were young, so despite fear we managed to get through the challenges

Ruth Šormová, née Eislerová, was born in Prague on the 14th December 1965 to Eliška Novotná and Pavel Eisler, the latter of whom died tragically soon after Ruth was born. Ruth studied at the Akademické gymnázium Štěpánská. She spent the last two summer holidays in Great Britain where she devoted her time to working in social care in a quaker community, which had a great influence on her later on. She joined the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and enrolled in a distance study programme in special pedagogy at the Faculty of Education at the Charles University. Thanks to more free-thinking members of the Church she was introduced to the ideas of independent political environment and became active in the area herself. She co-founded the Nezávislé mírové sdružení (English: “Independent Association for Peace”), signed Charter 77, and participated in various other initiatives. She was soon targeted with interrogations by the StB. She married Zdeněk Šorm, a theology student and member of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, with whom she adopted three children. She spent the period around the revolution working for the Civic Forum centre in Soběslav. Subsequently, she became a deputy of the Czechoslovakian Federal Assembly. In 1993 she started working in the non-profit sector again. Ruth and her husband lived at a parish in Soběslav, then in Nové Město na Moravě, and as of today they are planning to move to a VInohrady parish in Prague.

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