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Ing. Václav Herrmann (1944) - Biography

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When I see a ploughed furrow behind me, I am satisfied

Václav Herrmann was born in 1944 into a farmers' family. After the end of the Second World War the Herrmann family moved to a farm which was left behind by deported Germans in the village Brocno in the Kokořín region. The family then lost the farm in the collectivization process after the communist take over of power. Václav completed studies of agriculture at the college, where, as he says, his admission was merely a matter of coincidence, because the district committee official who was supposed to write an assessment for him happened to be on vacation at that time. Václav did many jobs, but he mostly worked in agriculture.. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 he became involved in politics and he also served as the mayor of the village Žerčice. Václav was very active outside his work as well - he engaged in hunting, amateur theatre, he played in a music band, and in the 1990s he undertook a walk from the Czech Republic to southern France. Even now he enjoys his passion for gardening.

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