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Věra Zárubová (1926) - Biography

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The hardest school year was 1944–1945, when the whole class was assigned to forced labour

Věra Zárubová, née Boudná, was born on 22 November 1926 in Brno, into the family of the engine master Josef Boudný. She had a sister, Marie, three years her elder; her mother, Božena Boudná, was a housewife. Věra mainly remembers the wartime period, which she experienced as a child with her family in Horní Hešpice, which is now a part of Brno. She attended a Czech-German elementary school; in 1938 she began studying at a girls' grammar school in Brno, but the school building was taken by the Nazis and lessons were moved to the afternoon hours and took place in the building of a primary school instead. In 1942 she switched to a girls' vocational school in Brno, which was closed in the 1944-1945 school year - the pupils were assigned to forced labour in a factory producing aircraft components. She witnessed the frequent bombings of Brno, she was also witness to a deep strike that hit a tram car and killed all the passengers. Towards the end of the war the family's house was occupied by the staff of a Soviet combat unit, and crowds of deported Germans were herded by their house. The witness taught at a primary school for most of her working life.

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