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Olga Wankeová, roz. Piskorová (1929) - Biografia

Wszelkie prawa do korzystania z tych materiałów są regulowane prawami poszczególnych projektów. Jeśli możesz dostarczyć jakiekolwiek materiały do tego świadka, prosimy kontaktuj się z nami.

The world is unjust

Olga Wankeová, née Piskorová, was born in 1929 in Lysolaje (nowadays part of Prague). She witnessed many events of World War Two, and she was especially affected by the situation during the terror which followed the assassination of Heydrich, since local people feared that their village would be eliminated in the same way as Lidice. Part of her family was of German origin, and although they had not collaborated with Germans, her uncle fell victim to the revenge at the very end of the war - he was shot during the revolution and thrown into a mass grave. Olga recalls other instances of injustice and brutality which were committed in the name of a "just revenge" against the German population. After the war she continued with her education in the Institute of English Ladies (led by sisters of the Congregation of Jesus), where she mainly studied languages, but the religious order was disbanded in the period after 1948. Most of the nuns were taken to the border regions and the order's activity was terminated. Olga completed her education in foreign languages in Prague and thanks to her excellent knowledge of languages she then applied for employment at the ministry of foreign affairs. However, she was not accepted due to her origin. She found employment in the Technical Centre of the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) and she met her future husband while working there. Olga married and they had three children. In 1968, they were on holiday in former Yugoslavia when the Warsaw Pact armies entered Czechoslovakia. They were intensely considering whether to stay abroad or return. They eventually came back, because her parents and other relatives who needed her care had remained in Czechoslovakia. After the death of her husband Olga moved back to Lysolaje and she has been living there ever since.

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