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Anita Alblová (1936) - Biography

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I always stayed in the Ore mountains, on one side or the other

Anita Alblová, née Santnerová, was born on 16 November, 1936 in Zelená Hora (Kraslice) in a German family of Franz and Anna Santner. A father left the family during war. The mother re-married after 1945 to a Czech citizen Stanislav Rejsek, so the displacement applied only to the witness and her granny. They left to the nearby Klingenthal to their uncle. Anita Alblová worked in needlework factory and staged as a singer with a band Rigoletto. She came back to Bohemia as one of the first, following the end of an unhappy marriage during a political release, where she lived with her mother. At the beginning of 1970s she married a Czech man, Vojtěch Albl, with whom she had a daughter Alexandra, who lives in Hof. The witness was fully active in Kraslice community, she is a member of the singing choir Heimatchor and attends a parish community of the priest Fořt.

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