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František Bloudek (1947) - Biography

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They say I ended up alone because I'm selfish

František Bloudek was born on 4 September 1947 in Otvice. Following graduation at an agricultural high school, in 1967 he was admitted to the University of Agriculture in Prague. At the time of František's studies his father passed away and he had to return home and take care of his younger brother Karel as their mother couldn't manage. Soon after she found a new partner, left her children and cut off all contacts with them. František was only able to resume his studies seven years later when his brother became fully self-reliant. As a fresh graduate he found a job in the Committee of Public Control. Due to his homosexual orientation he experienced bullying both in private life, in his place of residence and in workplace. In the end, it went so far as to force František Bloudek to transfer to the Administration of Federal Material Reserves. After the breakup of Czechoslovakia he worked as a sales representative of various firms and agencies. As a 52-year-old he was diagnosed with a burnout syndrome and underwent treatment. Up until retirement he then worked in a hypermarket warehouse.

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