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Charlotte Galambošová (1938) - Biography

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Where are those people who used to live here? Have they left nothing behind?

Charlotte Galambošová was born on December 19, 1938 in Dolní Benešov in the Hlučín region which was only shortly before annexed by the Third Reich. Its inhabitants had automatically become German citizens. In the course of the war her father and two brothers were along with thousands of men from the region drafted to the Wehrmacht. In September 1944 Charlotte began attending a German school and in April 1945 witnessed the heavy fighting of the Ostrava-Opava operation in the Hlučín region. After the end of the war it was reconnected with the Czechoslovak Republic. Charlotte regained Czechoslovak citizenship and began attending a Czech school. She had lived her whole life in Dolní Benešov, honoring with the regional traditions and speaking the local vernacular.

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