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Miroslav Brocko - Biography

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I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel during the normalisation

Miroslav Brocko was born on 5 August 1946 in Bratislava into the family of the lawyer JUDr. Karol Brocko and Professor Anna Brocková. He had a brother, Dušan. During World War II, the witness's father Karol took part in the Slovak National Uprising, for which he was awarded a medal. However, his father's opinions were radically opposed to the ideology of the Communist regime, and as a high-standing civil servant, he was accused of high treason. During Operation B the family was deported to Piešťany, where they had to share a flat with several tenants. In 1969 Miroslav Brocko was expelled from the University of Transportation for newspaper articles criticising the Communists. He continued to work as a journalist, publishing under pseudonyms. To avoid being declared a "freeloader" (a punishable offence - trans.), he had to be officially employed. He regards the eight years spent as a culture and social officer at a cooperative as his greatest act of collaboration with the regime. He left the cooperative in 1981 and took up a job as head of production at Studio S, a theatre studio. He promoted Czech avant-garde theatres, such as Ypsilonka. In the early 1990s he moved to Prague, took part in the "coupon privatisation" and began a business.

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