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Ing., Ph.D. Petr Hruška (1964) - Biography

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Ostrava wasn’t a city, it was a place. For some, it was a labour camp

Petr Hruška was born on 7 June 1964 in Ostrava. His mother came from Doksy, near Mácha Lake, his father grew up in the industrial area of Kramáře near Opava. However, the family lived in Ostrava, where his father worked in the chemical industry. His mother worked as a nurse at a miners' medical centre. After primary school Petr Hruška went on to graduate from the grammar school in Šmeralova Street, Ostrava. Because he did not match the ideal of the Socialist student, he did not receive a recommendation for university studies. He avoided military service by applying to the University of Mining, where he earned an "Engineer" degree in drinking water treatment. He then underwent compulsory military service, serving in a motorised infantry regiment in Cheb and Karlovy Vary; he was later transferred to the mentally exhausting service of a military escort. Upon returning to his civilian life, he worked at the national enterprise Northern Moravian Water and Sewage Works. After the Velvet Revolution he studied literature at universities in Ostrava and Brno. He is now tenured at the Brno branch of the Institute for Czech Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He also teaches Czech literature at Masaryk University in Brno and in Ostrava. Petr Hruška is also active as an author. He has received several major awards for his works.

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